Jason R. Wilson
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Canada Journal

Home to one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet, Canada is full of adventure for those who enjoy outdoor recreation.


Jasper National Park

With a backpack full of camera gear and a craving for adventure, we ventured into the darkness armed with a camera and a headlamp. The sound of falling water let us know our destination was not far, and as the trail came to a bridge, I knew Athabasca Falls would soon be in view. I shut off the headlamp. My eyes began to adjust to the darkness of the new moon, yet I sensed a strange glow around me…

Abraham Lake

While driving north along the Icefields Parkway, I made a detour to this frozen lake to witness the strange phenomenon firsthand. The low-hanging sun began to set behind distant mountains; all sound seemed to disappear with it. I strapped on my headlamp and hiked down to the shoreline below. Hours had passed since seeing another person, a seemingly common theme during the winter months here. I took the first few steps out onto the ice…

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