Education Journal - Jason Wilson

Photography is a creative form of expression that has gained incredible popularity in recent years. With the increased availability of camera bodies, lenses, and accessories on today's market, trying to figure out the right gear for you and how to use it can be a daunting task. Here you will find a collection of write-ups to help you gain a better understanding of what equipment may be the right fit for you, along with techniques on how to use it to its full potential.

Milky Way

If you find yourself away from the city lights at night, you've likely looked up at the night sky in wonderment. Learn how to capture stunning photos of our beautiful Milky Way galaxy, including which lenses to use, what time of year to view it, and how to plan for it.

Long Exposure

From star trails to waterfalls, capturing the movement of a subject can create a dramatic effect in your photographs. In this write-up, learn about how to control your camera's shutter speed in various situations to help create beautiful long exposure photographs.

Neutral Density Filters

Building upon the previous Long Exposure post, this write-up will incorporate the technique of capturing movement in a situation with ample light. Learn which accessories you will need, how to use them, and different ways of utilizing light to your advantage.

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