Adventure Journal - Jason Wilson
Sunset over Zion National Park, Utah

From weekend road trips to multi-country backpacking adventures, the open road has always called my name. Here you will find a collection of highlights from my journey through 27 countries and counting.

North America

Hiking through some of the world's most stunning canyons, experiencing the rise and fall of the Milky Way over the Pacific Ocean, and snowmobiling amongst geysers in Yellowstone National Park; North America is certain to take your breath away.


Skiing through glacier fields in the French Alps, exploring sea caves by kayak along the south coast of Portugal, and venturing deep into the Arctic Circle of Sweden and Norway in search of the Aurora Borealis; Europe is a traveler's playground.

Central America

Climbing ancient Mayan ruins, hiking volcanoes to roast s'mores over fresh lava flows, and swimming with sharks in the world's second largest barrier reef; Central America is full of powerful mystery for those with an adventurous spirit.

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